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Faculty Services: Overview

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List of Services

  This is a listing of services that we provide.  Click on a tab header or a link below to find out more about each.

Complete Listing of all our Electronic Resources

Open Access Resources

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 What is Open Access and How do I find them?

See also our complete guide listed below.

Putting Items on Reserve

For Faculty Only.

The library offers a reserve book policy for materials that demand more circulation than is possible with the regular three week loan period.  The professor must indicate the length of the loan period.

1.   Lists of materials for reserve should come from the faculty member to the Circulation Supervisor.  In an emergency the professor may phone, email, or bring books directly to the Circulation Desk with the proper information attached.

      Please use the online form to submit a request.

2.   Books or materials from any other library should not be put on reserve without first contacting the library that owns the materials.

3.   Reserve lists should be given to the Circulation Supervisor prior to handing out a reading list to students.  Faculty should not assign reserve reading to students until there has been ample time for securing those items and placing them on reserve.

4.   If materials are to be on reserve for the first day of classes, the library Circulation Supervisor needs them the week prior to the start of classes.  If material for reserve arrives after classes have begun, time must be allowed for the materials to be processed and ready for reserve usage.  Please allow two (2) days (from the day they are received) for processing.

  • We will put each item on 2 hour reserve and for “In Library Only” circulation unless otherwise noted.  Items can be put on reserve for  2 hours, 6 hours, or 1 week.   We can also mark them to take outside of the library as well.
  • Items will be taken off reserve and personal copies returned to you at the end of the semester or as indicated on the form.  If the items are kept in a folder, we will keep the folder here and will use it again for your reserve the next time it comes in.
  • If the item is from our library, it goes on reserve automatically with the title that is found in the online catalog.  Please use that title on your syllabus.  For non-library items, give us the same title of the item that you use in your syllabus.  This will help your students to know the specific title of the item to ask for as listed on the syllabus.

Kinlaw Library

Kinlaw Library

For more information about our services, please contact the main office:

Telephone: 859-858-5265

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