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King Curriculum Lab: About Us

Information about the King Curriculum Lab - with plenty of links to resources for student educators.
Subjects: Education

Welcome and Mission

Welcome to the King Curriculum Lab!

Visit the King Curriculum Lab on the lower level of Kinlaw Library, KL149. See what we have for you!

The mission of the Education Curriculum Lab is to “provide resources and services to facilitate the preparation of professional educators at the undergraduate and the graduate levels”. In order to fulfill this mission, the Lab has over 8,000 resources. Textbooks, curriculum guides, and educational journals in a number of subjects and from a variety of publishers aid in lesson planning, abstracts, reports, and other projects. Manipulatives and science equipment are available for the teacher-in-training to use in teaching concepts and skills. The Lab also houses a collection of literature for children and adolescents. All of these resources may be checked out and there is an in-house computer catalog for use in searching for particular items or subjects.

Our Online Catalog

This is the link to our online catalog.  You can use it to search for materials in our collection.

If you need help using the catalog or finding materials, please contact us at:  x2404


Mondays - Thursdays:  9am-11pm

Fridays:  9am-4pm

Saturdays:  12pm-6pm

Sundays:  Closed

Resources Available

While this library has an online catalog of most of our resources, there are a number of other services available in the lab including: art, craft, project supplies for use (some available for purchase), laminating, binding, and technology equipment.

For making letters, we have a Cricut machine as well as Ellison shape and letter cutting dies and machines.  Markers, glue, and other art supplies are also available for in-lab use. Construction paper, cardstock, bulletin board paper, trims, poster board, index cards, sentence strips, and other items may be purchased in the Lab. Laminating and both comb and coil binding provide finishing and professional touches to special projects. These resources attract students and faculty from other college departments as well as individuals from the community to the Lab. Of particular interest to graduate students, various testing materials for use in their Performance and Assessments course are housed in the Lab.

The Education Lab also provides technology equipment including video cameras, digital cameras, tripods, computer suites with scanners and printers, CD and cassette players, and software in a variety of disciplines. An adjacent high-tech classroom allows students to practice with a video projector, ELMO, and Smartboard.

King Curriculum Lab Price List for Supplies



The King Curriculum Lab has several supplies for purchase.  Below is a price list for supplies available in the lab.  Tax is charged to all supply purchases.

Education Librarian

Katrina Salley
Kinlaw Library, Room 150
(859) 967-9753

Contact Us

Contact us by email, phone, or in person at KL149.


PHONE:  859-858-3511 x2404