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Children's Literature: Modern Fantasy

This guide is for Children's Literature resources.

Modern Fantasy

Modern fantasy has “story elements that violate the natural, physical laws of our known world—events akin to magic.  Modern fantasy has known authors.  Some miraculous elements found in modern fantasy are talking animals, imaginary worlds, fanciful characters, magical beings, and so on.  Some types of modern fantasy include the following:  toys and objects imbued with life, tiny humans, peculiar characters and situations, imaginary worlds, magical powers, supernatural tales, time-warp fantasy, and high fantasy.”

Definition is taken from the following source:

Tunnell, M. O. & Jacobs, J. S.  (2008).  Children’s literature, briefly.  Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: 

     Pearson Education.

Modern Fantasy Picture Books

Locating Children's Books in the KCL

To locate children's books in the King Curriculum Lab, use the following guide for call numbers:

  • E = Easy Reader & Picture Books (fiction for elementary students; located by the Narnia mural)
  • NF = Nonfiction books (for elementary students; located after the curriculum section)
  • J = Juvenile  (chapter books for upper elementary students; located behind the Easy Reader section) 
  • YA = Young Adult fiction books (for middle and high school students; located after the Juvenile section)
  • YANF = Young Adult nonfiction books (for middle and high school students; located after the YA fiction section next to the lab's back door)

When searching for children's books in the library's online catalog, do an Advanced Search.  Select "Audience" and "Juvenile." Type your term in the search box.

Modern Fantasy Chapter Books