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Services and Resources provided to our online students at Asbury University.

Database Tutorials

Here are listed tutorials for our databases - provided by the vendor.  These are non specific to our location.

How to use Business Source - video


Anatomy of a Citation

What is a Citation?

 A citation is the basic information required to identify or locate a specific publication (book, article, video, etc.). It is a pointer (or reference) to more information.  Citations are provided in print and electronic indexes and catalogs to identify resources. They are also included in research papers, articles, and books to reference text that has been quoted or a source that has been used as an authority.     

                Generally there are two basic kinds of citations:   article or book

 What are the five basic parts of a citation?

  Book Parts   —

  1. Author(s) or Editor(s)
  2. Book Title
  3. Publisher
  4. Place of Publication
  5. Publication Date (or copyright)

  Article Parts   —

  1. Author(s)
  2. Article Title
  3. Periodical Title
  4. Page Numbers
  5. Publication Date

    [Volume & Issue] (sometimes this is missing or not required)

 NOTE:   Citations may be found in many different places such as a bibliography, a database, a web page or other sources.

EXAMPLES:    (These are not of any type of format!)

         Those little white lies, P.P. Conner  il  Parents 62:204-07 Ap ‘87

 Campus confidential: The complete guide to the college experience by students for students.  Miller, Robert H.; San Francisco, CA, US: Jossey-Bass, 2006.

Townley, C. & Parsell, M.(2004). Technology and academic virtue: Student plagiarism through the looking glass. Ethics and Information Technology, 6(4), 271-277.

Dinwiddie, Gniesha Y. "Education, USA." International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Ed. William A.Darity. 2nd ed. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008. Print.


 **What distinguishes one type of citation from the other?   How do you tell which is a book and which is an article?**

Anatomy of an Article Citation

Anatomy of an Book Citation

Style Guides

Citations can be formatted in different ways depending on what style guide is being used as a reference. The two most common are MLA Style and APA Style.

   MLA Style for BOOK

            Graham, James J. The Enemies of the Poor.  New York: Random, 1970. Print.

   APA Style for BOOK

            Bernstein, T. M.  (1965). The careful writer:  A modern guide to English usage.  New York:  Antheneum.

   MLA Style for an ARTICLE

            Delbruck, Max.  "Mind From Matter?"  The American Scholar 47.3 (1978): 339-53. Print.

   APA Style for an ARTICLE

            Paivio, A.  (1975). Perceptual comparisons through the mind's eye. Memory & Cognition, 3, 635-647.

Now can YOU create your own citations?  

Check to see if you can read citations - a Slideshare presentation.