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Library Services for Distance Students: Get Library Resources

Services and Resources provided to our online students at Asbury University.

Access from Off Campus

This is the login screen when you click on a database link from off campus.

For everyone - use your firstname.lastname ONLY in the username box and not your full email address.

Accessing E-Books

Find Full text Articles - video

My Prof Gave me a Reading list

HELP!!   My Professor gave me a reading list and I need to find the articles / books.  What do I do??

Follow these steps:

1) If your list has books listed and you can come to the library, use our online catalog to look for the title(s). 

2) If you cannot come to our location for physical books, please check our EBOOK collection.  We currently have over 165,000 titles.  

3) If your list has articles and you want to see if we have full text, you will need to search "Find Full Text Journals" to see where the one(s) you wish are located - and for WHAT DATES.  Search this list for the JOURNAL TITLE and not the article title.  This is very important.

   3a) Next, you need to click on one of the database links listed in that result list.  Especially one that contains the appropriate DATE for the article you are searching for.  When you do that, another tab / window will open and you will be at the JOURNAL TITLE information page with dates on the right like this: 



   3b)  Next you need to click on the date that you need, and then the ISSUE that you need.  When you do that, another screen will open with a LISTING of articles from that ISSUE.  You can then scroll to find that one that you are interested in.  If it has a pdf full text of the article, you can click on it to open up the whole article.


4) If you do not find the journal title in the list, then you should fill out an InterLibrary Loan form.   Fill out this form COMPLETELY with all the information you have about the article that you need.  We will notify you when the ariticle arrives - or maybe we can send it to you by email.

5)  There may be articles in a physical format that are located at the Library.  We will let you know if this is the case. 

6)  If you need any further assistance, please contact the Distance Services Librarian.  Contact information is located on the HELP tab in this Guide.

Get Library Resources

Popular Databases

These are our most often used resources.

Search a Database for ONE article

In the shot above, you see that we have chosen AUTHOR from the drop down box on the right, and TITLE in the next drop down box below.   This will find A SPECIFIC ARTICLE with the unique combination of author and a few words from the title.