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SWG 540 - Social Welfare & Public Policy: Government Resources

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Text of the Bill – H.R.3590 - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Introduced to House – September 17, 2009

Cleared House and Senate – March 21, 2010

Public Law – March 23, 2010   (PL 111-148)  [signed by president]

US Code – 42USC1305  (all of section 42? Others as well.)

Fed Regulations – 42CFR412

Statutes – 110 Stat 2105 (an others! search statues at large site or see classification tables)

U. S. Code:      This site has the MOST up to date version of code.   Do a FULL TEXT search of the code.

See info on “classification tables” (esp previous tables!)  See:     (2006 editions and older)

    Public Laws are listed in Statutes at Large:
AS WELL as resolutions, proclamations etc.

Federal Regulations: (current only)   (PAST years)


Track the path through Congress:

****  And search for similar, newer bills.

State Law:


General Govt Links

United States Federal Government - by agency -

Government Publications Catalog - at GPO Access -

Federal Depository Libraries in KY:

Regional Federal Depository Library - at UK - Young Library

See also our FIND ARTICLES tab above - for even more places to search.  Look for articles and information ABOUT the actions of the government to fullfil the requirements of the law.

STATE Govt resources

You can also look for policies / legislation and regulations at State Government Web sites.

50 States is a good place to find more state information.  It is more generic though.

State and Local Government:


         (council of state governments)

        (county info)