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General Policies and Procedures for Kinlaw Library

Library Policies

Mission Statement

Kinlaw Library is committed to support academic excellence and to develop lifelong learning through the provision of quality information resources and Christ-centered individual services.

Borrowing Materials

Checking out materials from the Kinlaw Library

Borrowing Privileges

  • Current Asbury University students, faculty, staff, retirees, or family members (with ID)
  • Current Asbury Theological Seminary students, faculty, and staff (with ID)
  • Students, faculty, and staff of other Kentucky higher education institutions (with college/university ID)
  •   FOKAL borrowers - list of qualifying institutions
  • Residents of Jessamine County or adjacent counties (with proof of residency) -- residents of these counties (Fayette, Garrard, Jessamine, Madison, Mercer, Woodford) who are age 18 or older can obtain a community borrower card for $10 per year ($5 per year for those aged 55 and over).

Checkout Materials

  • 1 semester   Books, CDs, Scores (Limit 50, no renewals)
  • 3 weeks       ATS Students & Community (2 renewals)
  • 1 week         DVDs (Limit 5, no renewals)
  • 2 hours        Reserve Items (Limit 2, no renewals)
  • N/A              Reference, Periodicals (In-house use only)

Fines and Fees

  •     .25/day Books, CDs, Scores, DVDs
  •   1.00/hour Reserve Items
  • 75.00/item Lost Item (minimum charge)
  •     .05/page Black and White Photocopies
  •     .10/page Color Photocopies

Checking out materials from other Kentucky libraries

Current Asbury University students, faculty, and staff may borrow materials directly from the B.L. Fisher Library at Asbury Theological Seminary.  Additionally, current students, faculty, and staff may use their Asbury ID card to directly borrow materials from the libraries of other Kentucky academic institutions, including the University of Kentucky, Transylvania University, Centre College, and other schools across the state.   

Want to have items delivered here instead?  Materials can be requested to be sent from other libraries to Kinlaw Library through the InterLibrary Loan service.  The library's full Interlibrary Loan Policy is posted below.

Guest Computer and Network Usage

Guest Computer and Network Usage

The library’s wireless network is accessible throughout the Kinlaw Library.  Campus visitors over the age of 18 may request guest access to the network, and may use their own devices or a designated computer near the Circulation Desk.  All visitors requesting access will be asked to sign the "Campus Network Policy for Visitors," which indicates an acceptance of the "Information Technology Services Memorandum of Understanding" (both documents posted below).  Campus visitors who wish to print may do so at the cost of $0.10/page for black and white copies, $0.25/page for color copies.

Collection Development Policy

Kinlaw Library Collection Development Policy

Below is the Collection Development Policy for the Kinlaw Library, adopted by the Library Faculty in June, 2014.

Donations to the Kinlaw Library

The Kinlaw Library welcomes your interest in donating books and other materials, but due to space constraints in the library building and the high cost of sorting, reviewing and processing donated materials, we now highly scrutinize all potential book donations to determine if they fit the library's research needs.  Accordingly, the library may not be able to accept all donations of books and other materials. 

If the library is unable to accept your donation, we ask that you please consider one of these other options for passing along your materials:

  • your local public library
  • used book stores
  • charitable organizations such as Better World Books

If you feel your potential gift is of critical research interest to the Kinlaw Library (rare or unique items only), please call 859-858-3511, x2522, and leave your name and contact information, along with a description or characterization of the material. We will respond as soon as possible.

The learn about other ways you can support the Kinlaw Library, including monetary donations that enable us to enhance our collections and improve our services, please visit the "Giving to Asbury University" page and indicate that your gift be designated for the Library.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Kinlaw Library!

For more information, the section of the Library's Collection Development Policy addressing donations is posted below.

Study / Meeting Room Policies

Study rooms - for campus members

Current Asbury University students, faculty, and staff may reserve group study rooms and larger meeting rooms (Board Room and Conference Room) by following these instructions, which includes policies and procedures for using the rooms.  The large and medium rooms must be reserved (for up to two hours) by contacting the library, either in person at the Circulation Desk, over the phone at x2265, or online.

There are sixteen study rooms located in the library for use by current Asbury University students, faculty, and staff, all of which are located on the upper level of the library:

  • Three large rooms with a single table and eight chairs. 
  • Three large rooms with four modular tables and six chairs. 
  • Four medium rooms with a single table and four chairs.
  • Six small rooms with counters and one or two chairs.  The small rooms are always available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

We also have 32 individual study carrels always open.  Come by the Circulation Desk for additional suggestions.

Study Room Policy

  • Single users in a group study room will be asked to vacate the room for groups of 2 or more studying together.
  • Personal materials and library books may not be left unattended in the group study rooms while in class, for extended periods of time, or overnight.
  • The library staff is not responsible for personal items left unattended in group study rooms.
  • Library books that are not checked out will be returned to the shelves.
  • Patrons are asked not to move the tables or sit or lie on the table or countertops.
  • Patrons are asked not to bring in lamps or other furniture items into the rooms.
  • Room bookings are mediated by library staff.  Please stop at the Circulation Desk to confirm that you have arrived.  Then we will give you a key.  Rooms are locked to prevent unauthorized use.

When making a reservation:

  • You may book a maximum of two time slots per request and a maximum of four hours per day.  If no one else needs that room, the reservation might be renewed.  
  • There needs to be at least two members present for the group to check out the key.
  • If members arrive more than 10 minutes late, the reservation is forfeit for that time slot.
  • Group members must be Asbury University current faculty, staff or students and have a valid campus ID in order to check out a key.
  • The room key must be promptly returned once the booking time is ended.

To make a reservation:

  • Please make your booking any time prior to needing the room (up to two weeks in advance).  You can also cancel any request prior to the booking.
  • Time slots on the booking calendar that are open are green.
  • You must be a current Asbury student and use your campus e-mail address when submitting your reservation.  (no other emails will be accepted)
  • You will receive an e-mail telling you that a decision about your reservation will be made shortly. If you are approved, you will receive another email stating your reservation has been approved.  You will be able to cancel your reservation by clicking on a link within the email.
  • Please check your email account prior to your scheduled time to ensure your request has been approved.
  • Bring confirmation email as proof of reservation.  Reservations have priority.
  • If you would like more time, please contact the Circulation Desk at x2265 or

Meeting Rooms Policy & information for community, off campus users

​Meeting Room Policy:

Spaces are reserved at the time of request, with priority first to the Board and Faculty, then staff, students and lastly outside groups.  Asbury University facilities are primarily intended to further its educational and spiritual mission by serving the Asbury University community (students, faculty, and staff).  Facilities are available for rental and use by outside groups secondarily to these internal constitutents.  All organizations and individuals renting or utilizing Asbury University property will host activities that are in alignment with Asbury University's policies and not counter to the University's Christian position.  Asbury University reserves the right to decline the use of facilities by organizations or individuals whose mission, advocacy, or activities are in conflict with the mission, doctrine, and practices of Asbury University.

Prior to Event

If you need the space for set-up purposes prior to the event, please book enough time before your event begins to accomplish the change.
Please do not have chairs or tables delivered more than one afternoon prior to the event. 
If your event requires specific AV equipment, please call the IT Services Help Desk at ext. 2498 to make sure that your space is equipped properly.
For public events, please provide details to the front Circulation Desk personnel.

Reserving a Space

Select multiple time slots below to indicate your complete time range required.
Please state whether food and/or drink will be served.
If your reservation time changes or you need to cancel your request, please contact the Library Administrative Assistant at ext. 2143.
Please respect patrons who are studying and keep noise levels to a minimum.
All personal items left in the room will be placed in our lost and found at the Circulation Desk.

Immediately Following the Event

You are responsible for the safe return of all furniture to its original location.  A table configuration is kept in the credenza in the Board Room.
You are responsible for cleaning the space that you used.  Please leave it in as good or better condition than when you entered.  If a vacuum is needed, please ask at the Circulation Desk.  Please leave all trash in their containers for the custodial staff to dispense of in the morning.
If you order tables or chairs, please have them removed the following morning by the Physical Plant.

Please call ext. 2143 (Library Administrative Assistant) if you have any questions.  

Community members interested in reserving a large meeting room should consult the library staff assistant at 859-858-3511, x2143. 

Community members interested in reserving a smaller study room between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm should consult the policy posted below and then contact the library's Circulation Desk at 859-858-3511, x2265.

Although current Asbury University students, faculty, or staff have priority for using the study rooms, there are some guidelines for use of the rooms by other groups.

For other groups:

  • The fee to use a room on a given day is $10. This fee is waived for Asbury University alumni, retired faculty, and family members, and current Asbury Seminary students, faculty and staff. All users from the University or Seminary must have a valid and current ID.
  • During the academic year (late August-mid December, and early January-early May), rooms may only be used from 8:00-5:00 on Monday-Friday, and 10:00-5:00 on Saturday, and may not be reserved during Finals Week or the weekend preceding Finals Week.
  • During the academic school year, no more than two separate rooms may be reserved for the same group.
  • Rooms may be only used for educational or non-profit purposes.

Other Policies

Food and drink

Food and drink is permitted in the library facility, with the exception of the Archives Reading Room and the Mac and PC Labs on the lower level.  We also ask that you keep food and drink away from the Open Lab Computers located on the Main and Upper floors.

Posting announcements

Any announcements (posters, etc.) must be approved before being posted in the library.  To ask for approval, please inquire at the library's Circulation Desk.  Only on campus events will be posted on the main display.  The bulletin board in the copy room is for community information.  Political ads or announcements of any kind will be not be posted.

Filming requests

Filming projects in the library must be approved by the Director of Library Services. Media Communication students requesting permission for filiming should bring a standard request form issued by the School of Communication Arts.

Children in the Library

Children are welcome in the library, but for safety reasons no child age 12 or under is allowed to use the library facility without being accompanied by a parent, guardian, or Asbury University student, faculty, or staff.  Only adults 18 years of age and over are allowed to request guest access to the library's computer network.

Putting Items on Reserve

For Faculty Only.

The library offers a reserve book policy for materials that demand more circulation than is possible with the regular three week loan period.  The professor must indicate the length of the loan period.

1.   Lists of materials for reserve should come from the faculty member to the Circulation Supervisor.  In an emergency the professor may phone, email, or bring books directly to the Circulation Desk with the proper information attached.

      Please use the online form to submit a request.

2.   Books or materials from any other library should not be put on reserve without first contacting the library that owns the materials.

3.   Reserve lists should be given to the Circulation Supervisor prior to handing out a reading list to students.  Faculty should not assign reserve reading to students until there has been ample time for securing those items and placing them on reserve.

4.   If materials are to be on reserve for the first day of classes, the library Circulation Supervisor needs them the week prior to the start of classes.  If material for reserve arrives after classes have begun, time must be allowed for the materials to be processed and ready for reserve usage.  Please allow two (2) days (from the day they are received) for processing.

  • We will put each item on 2 hour reserve and for “In Library Only” circulation unless otherwise noted.  Items can be put on reserve for  2 hours, 6 hours, or 1 week.   We can also mark them to take outside of the library as well.
  • Items will be taken off reserve and personal copies returned to you at the end of the semester or as indicated on the form.  If the items are kept in a folder, we will keep the folder here and will use it again for your reserve the next time it comes in.
  • If the item is from our library, it goes on reserve automatically with the title that is found in the online catalog.  Please use that title on your syllabus.  For non-library items, give us the same title of the item that you use in your syllabus.  This will help your students to know the specific title of the item to ask for as listed on the syllabus.

Copyright Guide

Here is the campus copyright guide that was passed by the Faculty Assembly in November 2012.  If you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact Jared Porter, Director of Library Services.