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Finding Statistics: Using Statistics

Where are stats and how do I find them? We show you how!

Statistics are good for

Statistics are "numerical facts systematically collected" that can be used 

            1.         to support a statement

            2.         to provide a basis for a theory (or thesis statement)

            3.         for comparison and contrast

            4.         to show trends

 If the use of statistics is to be valid, you must know what is being measured, how and by whom the material has been gathered, when it was done, and how it can be applied to what you are researching.

Stats on the Web

Much of the U.S. Government produced statistics are now on the Internet.  Consult a Reference Librarian for MORE web site addresses.

Good Sources for Stats

Statistics can be found in many places--in periodical articles, in books, in reference books such as encyclopedias and almanacs, and especially in publications of state, federal, and international organizations.  As a good starting point in your search for statistics, check the following general publications first.