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There are many other libraries in our area. You can check out materials directly from them if you choose to go there.

AIKCU Schools

Independent Colleges and Universities in KY

This is a list of the colleges within an Association to represent Kentucky's regionally-accredited, private, non-profit, colleges and universities. The following colleges and universities are members.


The Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities serves as the voice of Kentucky’s private, nonprofit, four-year colleges and universities. AIKCU’s 19 member colleges and universities serve more than 36,000 students and play a critical role in Kentucky’s postsecondary education system.

AIKCU represents its member institutions in public policy issues related to higher education at the state and federal levels, raises funds for student scholarships, coordinates member services, and facilitates information sharing and collaboration among our members. AIKCU is committed to promoting high quality, affordable and accessible postsecondary choices for students and families.